A Letter From The Founder and Director of the BALM

Dear BALM Family Recovery Specialist Trainee,

Thank you for your decision to master the BALM and teach the 12 Principles to families online and in your community! As you know, you are enrolling in a training program with the potential to transform your life and that of the families you serve! There is a great need for your services along with tremendous potential opportunity for you!

To get off to the best start, there are important things for you to know and agree to. Be sure to read the agreement below thoroughly before signing up, as filling out the form and making payment is your electronic signature indicating acceptance of and consent to everything in the Commitment Agreement.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you as we move together to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes!

All the best,

Beverly Buncher

BALM Family Recovery Specialist Commitment Agreement

Part 1
I understand that the training is structured to build on each of the courses as an integral whole experience. Therefore, I agree to attend all my coursework over the next 3-9 months. I understand that the purpose of the training is both personal growth and professional training.  Therefore, I anticipate that I:

  • will expand my expertise regarding use disorders and other mental health challenges, recovery, and BALM family recovery as the foundation of this program
  • will strive to master the BALM 12 Principles and 7 Steps - following the guidance outlined on the Course Platform
  • will attend the Cohort Gatherings regularly (a minimum 10 out of 12 live)
  • understand that I must fulfill all aspects of my chosen program in order to graduate and be eligible to apply for certification.

Part 2
To promote my well-being and the well-being of all others in the training,
1. I will treat everything and everyone in the training with respect and confidentiality.
2. I understand that the BALM 12 Principles and 7 Steps to BALM form the foundation of the entire program and must be attended and taken seriously for me to get full credit for this program, according to the course requirements.  They are essential to my ability to teach the BALM 12 Principles. 
3. I agree that to obtain full certification I must attend 20 sessions of the 12 Principles Live and 28 recorded recorded interviews, participate in 1 full 7 steps courses and listen to the original class of the 7 steps on recording.
4. I agree that successfully passing my exam at the end of the program is also required to qualify for facilitator certification.
5. If I need to miss a class, I will let the facilitators know at least 24 hours in advance by phone or email if possible.
6. I agree to not drop out of the program without talking first with the Director of Education, and I agree to attend the next class to close and complete with my class-mates if I am not returning.
7. I understand this is a 3-month to 1-year commitment and that my tuition is due and payable immediately and is non-refundable. I know I am responsible for my full tuition upon signing my agreement regardless of whether or not I have completed the program. This applies to payment plans as well and I will fulfill this obligation.
8. I will keep myself safe, healthy, and protect my recovery. Should I relapse, I agree to let my instructors know and discuss whether I should continue or postpone the completion of my course.
9. I understand I am totally responsible for my own learning process and I take full responsibility for my results. I do not hold Family Recovery Resources, The BALM Training Institute, its instructors, or my classmates responsible for my learning experience.

10. I understand that each time I teach a 12 Principles Live Class, I am required to provide each participant with a book and a workbook, purchased through the link on BTI. 
11. I understand that the BALM Training Institute and all of its materials and lessons are owned by Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, CTPC. Since it is a proprietary program, I agree to use it in my teaching as allowed by the program and not to co-opt the material or use it to train other professionals or claim ownership of its ideas, content, or wording without the written permission of Beverly Buncher.

By filling out the form below and making payment, I am making a commitment to all of the points in the agreement mentioned above. 

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BALM Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist 1P$3000

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